Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun announce Gofundme for new material

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun are back!!!….Almost.

Fans of Atlanta’s Today The Moon’s rock-oriented electro sound, may not have to wait much longer. While the band hasn’t released any new material since 2014’s “Quads” EP, and a proper full-length since 2011’s “WILDFIRE“, it appears new music is on the horizon. The band cites that they have “at a minimum 6 new songs that we’d like to share with you” .

While “Quads” found the band pushing their more melodic Pop elements to the forefront and bringing more and more electronics into the mix, such time has passed that what any new original material will sound like is anyone’s guess.

The band is looking to release new material and to update their home recording gear in order to do so. While no concrete release plans have been announced yet, the group does hint that “For now we’re feeling the ‘singles’ idea”.

While TTMTTS has only played sporadic live shows over the past several years, I often find myself reminiscing of seeing them on a bi-monthly (or at least tri-monthly) basis. So maybe, just maybe we can get them touring again…

You can donate to the band’s Gofundme here, and for those unfamiliar with the band, you can view their video for “Powerline” below.


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