The Francis Vertigo Takes A “Snow Day”

Greenville’s prog-rockers The Francis Vertigo have kept relatively silent for far too long, but it appears they haven’t been idle during their year-long hiatus. Not only has the band added a second guitarist, signed to Real South Records, and announced their revival set for next’ week’s Rex Fest, but they’re also delivering new music!

A layered, six-minute excursion, “Snow Day” explores a more contemplative side to The Francis Vertigo, showing a stronger resemblance to “Fool,” the closer for their Reception EP, than their more raucous garage-punk material. Recurring guitar melodies maintain a methodical pace throughout the extended instrumental interludes between verses, giving the song’s sound a carefree, wandering quality much like its namesake.

“Snow Day” works never wears out its welcome throughout the length six minutes due to the strength of the instrumentation. By constructing an ear catching melody than leads the listener throughout the track, The Francis Vertigo create something that sounds like half rock song, half film score blended perfectly together.

Join me in welcoming back The Francis Vertigo! It’s exciting to have their return announcement delivered with new material, the first of what is hopefully to be much more. In the meantime, check them out at Rex Fest in Charleston and listen to the song for yourself below:


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