Islander’s Tour Van Broken Into, Band Sets Up Donation Page

Life on tour always offers stressful challenges, but Greenville’s Islander suffered a terrible setback when their van was broken into this weekend after a show in San Antonio. The thieves stole nearly all the band’s personal belongings (including medications)  as well as a fair share of gear.

Ever the optimists, the band’s response was one of positivity in the face of hardship: “People that do hurtful things are people that are hurting. If you have ever been forgiven for something, then you know how amazing it feels to be forgiven. We choose forgiveness today, and we choose to love today. Pray for those that are hurting and feel the need to do hurtful things, family. Choose love and keep that P.M.A.!”

If you have anything extra you can donate, even if it’s just $1, the band have set up a Paypal page to help recover from this loss while on the road. And if you’re planning on seeing any of their remaining shows with I Prevail, Wage War, and Assuming We Survive, make sure you stop by their merch table.

Hopefully, with these avenues, we can do our part to help Islander find a Better Day.

We at Hey Listen! wish nothing but the best for these guys.


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