Young Mister Offers “Safety”

Throwing a creative curveball, melodic pop-rock artist Steven Fiore, better known as Young Mister, releases his new single, “Safety,” this week as something to tide fans over while he continues to work on his new record.

The Waynesville, NC native veers into uncharted territory for himself with this new track, teaming with Nick Bays to craft a relaxing, hypnotic electronic pop song. Calling the track “an extremely rewarding short-term departure,” Fiore insists “Safety” is not an indicator of the upcoming record, on which the single will not be featured, but rather satisfying a curiosity of experimenting with electronic music.

I’d certainly consider his experiment a success, and while I enjoyed his self-titled debut a great deal, I also wouldn’t mind hearing him explore an avenue like this again.

You can watch/listen to the lyric music video for “Safety” below, and purchase a digital copy of the song here from Refresh Records.


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