Eli’s Weekly Recap: Feb 13-19

*Disclaimer: For those of us who don’t know, Myles and I were part of a local music blog about 5 years ago called WeAreTheUpstate.com*

So Myles and I spent a lot of time wondering if we could, or would do another blog. We probably went back about a year ago, seriously talking about it, and lightly talking about it even before then.

While we were deciding what to do with the blog, we definitely wanted to think of fun ways to get the music out to people, instead of being JUST copy etc. So with the access of decent video equipment, and a penchant for squeezing every last drop of child labor out we could, we decided to bring  you “Eli’s Weekly Recap”, a video series of the music we wrote about throughout the week, with guest commentator Eli (my stepson).

For sake of ease (and short attention spans), we only listened to the songs that were on Spotify, so we could make a playlist. Hopefully in the future we can do other formats, but for now, we get the best “help” we can find, and bribe him with a copious amount of milkshakes.

Have you ever wondered what an indie music blog looks like through the eyes of an uninterested 12 year old? Well if so, look no further!



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