The Kernal readies “Light Country” for release March 3rd

While country music generally tends to get a bad rap amongst the trendier circles (unless it’s “old country” and you’re trying to impress an army of unseen critics), there are always certain artists existing somewhere within a given genre-staple, somehow putting a new twist on what’s old, and making it their own. One of our favorite artists we’d put in that category is Tennessee’s The Kernal. While The Kernal’s music probably best fits into the “country” genre, his tongue-in-cheekiness and ear for harmonies really help him stand apart…with a bit of zany Ween-esque sensibilities.

The Kernal’s new album “Light Country” is out March 3rd on Single Lock Records, a label started by Ben Palmer of The Alabama Shakes. They also house breakout soul revivalists St. Paul and the Broken Bones. We’ve got the video for “Knock Kneed Ballerina” below as well as the soundcloud link of “At The Old Taco Bell.”If you’re picking up what The Kernal is putting down, you should prob watch the older video for “Mind Control” here.


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