Ann Beretta tease new 7″ for Record Store Day

For a band that hasn’t released a proper full-length since 2003 (Three Chord Revolution), Richmond’s Ann Beretta have managed to keep just busy enough to hold the intrigue of their fans. While there has been a smattering of new songs over the subsequent years in various forms and collections, as well as some sporadic live appearances, the band hasn’t quite shifted back into full-gear for some time. However, it appears that 2017 is going to be that year.

The band has promised 3 releases for the year, and it appears that the first will be a 7″ released by Say-10 Records on gold vinyl for Record Store Day on April 22nd. While it’s unclear exactly what songs will be on it, the band hints they’ll be something from an upcoming full-length promised later this year.



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