Pet Peeves release first single “Stepping Stone”

Ex-Brigades guitarist/vocalist Charlie Jackson has released the first single from his new solo project “Pet Peeves”. Before Brigades, Jackson was best know as the singer/guitarist for Columbia, SC pop-punk band “Versus The Robot“, which also garnered a fair bit of traction during their tenure. Jackson states that he views his new project as a “continuation of that project with a better name and better vision”.

Work on the debut EP should be beginning soon, and the eventual plan is to enlist a full band at some point, but as Jackson points out “being in a band is cool, but I’ve done it and truly tried to make it work and I get caught up in how much I didn’t get to do things or play things. This project may be full-band at some point, but it’ll be with people who are in other bands just doing it for fun”.

– Wes Gilliam


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