Glass Mansions Release New Single “Nightswimming”

Columbia, SC’s Glass Mansions kicked off 2017 off in a big way with their new single, “Nightswimming.” The hopeless romantic pop-rockers doused the track in Blake Arambula’s nostalgic synths, forging their own brand of retrowave-influenced pop, backboned by Patrick Beardsley’s precise guitars to create their most memorable song to date.

“Nightswimming” sees the band’s ever-evolving confidence in their craft put into action. Frontwoman Jayna Doyle’s vocals weave from vulnerable unassuredness  to anthemic revelry in the beauty of being lost with seemingly incredible ease. Combined with the song’s tightly constructed melodies and infectious chorus, the band achieves pop-rock perfection here. This is a track I’ve not stopped listening to since its release. So far, “Nightswimming” is not only my favorite Glass Mansions song, but my favorite track of 2017 so far.

If “Nightswimming” and the band’s prior frenetic rock  single, “Matches,” are any indication, Glass Mansions are primed for an explosive year.

The band will be touring their way to South By Southwest starting 3/2/17. You can see look for dates near you right here.

Check out “Nightswimming” below:

– Myles Griffin


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